FlexPai Phone-Flexible Phone/Foldable Mobile

FlexPai Phone Foldable Phone For quite some time working on LG, Samsung and plans to bring many of the phones that can be folded.
FlexPai Phone-Flexible Phone/Foldable Phone
FlexPai Phone-Flexible Phone/Foldable Phone

Foldable Phone.

Just where these large companies have shown that the performance of a company while doing work on this, China.
Chinese company Royole Corporation has done this deed by. The company has launched the world first folding may have a phone. It is named - FlexPai.
The phone appears much larger than a normal smartphone. But because of it can be folded to be used as both smartphones and tablets. There you get Amoled Display in the middle.

Falexible Phone.

The phone that can be folded is 7.8-inch (1920x1440) comes with a display. If you can fold it, then it could be as little as 4 inches. In FlexPai you get 7nm Octa-core Qualcomm chipset. Which is the latest Snapdragon 855 / Snapdragon 8150 flagship processor.

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Folded Phone Specification.

This smartphone comes with three Kanfugreshn. It 6GB + 128GB, 8GB + 256GB and 8GB + 512GB. With it, you get a dual camera. Get a 16-megapixel wide-angle lens and a 20MP telephoto lens. The company claims it is that it comes with the phone fast charging technology RAW charge. It can call in charge of just one hour to 80 percent. It will also provide you with USB Type-C support.

That being said it is ready to hang commercial use. December can be a sale. Pre-orders of the device in China has begun to 31st October.
Starting price of FlexPai is 8,999 (about Rs 95,000) in Chinese currency. At the higher variant is Rs 137,000.
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